He was appointed by the University of Pretoria's Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development.

Fishing village in the Northern Bintan Island, Indonesia. Photo by Anup Phayal.
Certain policies and policing measures taken by countries to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing drive local actors to engage in piracy, new Sea Around Us research has found.

The model predictions showed a rapid increase in microplastic accumulation and contamination across the penguins’ prey organisms resulting in Galápagos penguin displaying the highest level of microplastics per biomass, followed by barracuda, anchovy, sardine, herring, and salema and predatory zooplankton.

The Sea Around Us project manager, Dr. Maria ‘Deng’ Palomares, with Belizean fishers. Photo by the Belize Fisheries Project.
During a series of workshops and meetings held in June and December 2023, Belizean fishers endorsed the findings of the stock assessments carried out by the Sea Around Us, which show that commercially important species such as conch and lobster are overfished

Salty Science arrives in Antigua. Photo credit: @toughestrow
The Salty Science team, which included UBC Oceans student Lauren Shea, rowed 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and placed #1 in Womens Class, and #7 overall!

Dr. Cheung will receive this award on Friday, January 26, 2024, at which time he will also present an Open Lecture on the theme: “The future of fish and fisheries under climate change.”

In a comment published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, authors outline four essential elements for conducting ecological research with and for Indigenous Peoples and Lands in a good way. In this Q&A, they discuss these elements and their importance for all scientific research.

This UBC prof is making waves worldwide in sustainable ocean resource management