The PSAE acknowledges staff who have made outstanding contributions to UBC, and who excel in their personal achievements.

Zachary is researching Pacific great blue herons in B.C., which prey on young salmon smolts migrating out of rivers, potentially limiting the salmon available for killer whales in the ocean.

As temperatures rise, they will have difficulties finding the food they prefer and are more likely to disappear as they will not be able to adapt quickly.

In other words, climate change is not just an environmental problem, but one that inhibits our ability to tackle other social issues.

The prize is for a graduate student whose peer-reviewed publications to date are expected to have the most significant impact on the field of environmental sustainability

“Across the Pacific, a lot of data are available on salmon diets but there’s currently no centralized hub for this information,” explained Graham.

A new species of pipefish found in Argentina has been named after IOF Professor Amanda Vincent.

We were thrilled to have a variety of creative, quirky and beautiful works from talented researchers and staff members.

Coming to UBC from Haida Gwaii, Vanessa studies juvenile pink and chum salmon and what they eat in BC’s coastal waters – by looking at their stomach contents.