IOF Seminars

The Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries offers multiple seminars and workshops through the year. These seminars draw a diverse audience, leading to thought-provoking discussions and a sharing of new ideas and perspectives.

We invite speakers from around the globe to present on a wide range of topics related to freshwater systems, the oceans, fisheries, and the global environment. The subject matters discussed span the natural and social sciences, including aquatic ecology, economics, zoology, anthropology, sociology, oceanography, marine geochemistry, microbiology, resource management, and international maritime law.

Our landmark Peter A. Larkin Award recognizes a leading fisheries researcher who is committed to research excellence, inspiring education, and innovative societal engagement. The recipient will be presented with the Peter A. Larkin Award at a ceremony to be held at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (IOF), likely in the spring or the fall after candidate selection.


Weekly Seminars

These seminars are
offered during the academic year

Peter A. Larkin Award

Lecture awarded to distinguished scholars, in memory of Dr. Peter Larkin

Seminar Videos

Watch the video recordings of past seminars