Despite their appalling record, however, the Reefs had their first spectator of the season: the department’s beloved Bayesian Master’s student, Delaney Hicks, so enthralled by all the softball updates that she needed to see the team play for herself.

Industrial fleets from top fishing countries operating in the Indian Ocean and targeting export-market species such as tuna and squid are likely to disable monitoring systems to fish more than allowed and evade authorities

During the 2024 Meeting of the Seas held in Tenerife, Spain, Dr. Daniel Pauly, was granted the Sartún Award, in recognition of his +40-year career working for the protection of the global ocean.

Despite two 5-run, mercy rule inducing bottom innings, the game somehow stayed close. Like the outlier in your data, the Reefs could not be willed away.

Dr. Kii’iljuus Barbara Wilson, an Adjunct faculty member with IOF and CIF received the Honorary Doctorate from Simon Fraser University.

Darin’ Taryn commented after the game, “with this loss, our record looks about as good as the FISH 500 trash fish that’s deteriorating in that ESB museum.” Chemistry Department Destroys IOF Going into their fifth game of the season and ranked dead last in the league, the Reefs faced their biggest rival yet, the Chemistry […]

Dr. Marie Auger-Méthé's Canada Research Chair in Statistical Ecology (Tier II) was renewed, and she, along with Dr. William Cheung and Dr. David Rosen received NSERC Discovery Grant funding.

"It turns out a lot of the Cubs' best players just weren't at the first game but showed up for this one," said Skipper Kristen Sora, "and unfortunately a bunch of our worst players also showed up."

Providing a basic income could boost global gross domestic product (GDP) by $US163 trillion while acting to curb environmental degradation, UBC research has found.