New research examined the progress of the UN's “Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14: Life Below Water”, and more than 70% of countries have not achieved a single target so far.

Knowledge provided by local non-governmental organizations, academics, civil servants, journalists, and fishers can be valuable for evaluating the effectiveness of countries’ marine protected areas.

IOF loses semi-final to Psychology in final inning

Reefs Defeat Microbiology, Advance to Semifinals!

A physiological explanation and an evolutionary explanation related to the moment fish become sexually active – and spawn for the first time – have turned out to be two sides of the same coin

The IOF was unable to mount a comeback in their last inning at bat and fell to Microbiology 12-24.

IOF burned by Chemistry, drops 3rd straight game

Grey whales face many threats ranging from entanglements and ship strikes, to loss of habitat and reduced prey availability. Researchers are collecting data this summer needed to quantify and mitigate these threats.

The animals have been in an energy deficit, averaged across spring, summer and fall, for six of the last 40 years.