This new Fisheries Centre Research Report (FCRR) presents the key results of a multi-year activity of the Sea Around Us devoted to assessing the status of marine fisheries globally.

The Applied Freshwater Ecology Research Unit’s (AFERU) job is to find ways to conserve freshwater species, test effectiveness of current conservation strategies, and understand how freshwater fish are responding to changes in their habitats.

Narwhals, sharks, and polar bears can help medical professionals improve care for patients with mental health struggles - and patients with conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder can offer insights that will help the conservation of many wild animals.

PhD student, Salome Buglass, is crowdfunding to support her research on an extensive mesophotic kelp forest found in the Galapagos.

Prof. Sumaila is one of the world’s most innovative researchers on the future of the oceans. He is also Project Director of the SSHRC sponsored OceanCanada Partnership (OCP), and it is for his work with this unit that he won the SSHRC Impact Partnership Award.

New research is shedding light on the hearts of healthy marine mammals, and how they compare to human hearts

Drs. Juan Jose Alava and Rashid Sumaila are urging consumers to make the connection between what they buy on Black Friday and what eventually ends up harming our ecosystems—and our health.

The project used nine different computer models, created by different teams around the world, to illustrate with greater clarity and range how ocean life will be impacted by Earth’s warming climate.