Africa-UBC Oceans & Fisheries Visiting Fellows Program

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Engaging exceptional young African researchers to build international networks that can develop ocean and freshwater sustainability solutions

We need to train outstanding researchers to connect with one another so as to develop global ocean and freshwater sustainability solutions. Building networks for impactful collaborations will help shape a better environmental and economic future for us all.

The Africa-UBC Oceans & Fisheries Visiting Fellows Program will allow talented early-career academics from sub-Saharan African universities and research institutes to engage with leading researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC), to facilitate diverse, equitable, mutually beneficial research collaborations.

The goal is to make UBC’s vast resources available to inspire and enable intensive research, develop mentoring and training opportunities, and seed collaborative processes and holistic solutions to pressing ocean and freshwater fisheries management challenges.

By expanding the networks of both African and UBC scholars and their students, all participants will share and co-create interdisciplinary knowledge and insights that would benefit their universities, their countries, and the world.

“In my long career, I have encountered many colleagues in various parts of the world, notably in Africa, who were capable and motivated to do great work in my field – fisheries and marine biology – but who were stymied by the lack of a network of scientists with whom to interact. I hope that the Africa-UBC Oceans & Fisheries Visiting Fellows Program, which Rashid and I initiated with funds from our Tyler Prize, will now help African scholars realize their dreams.” ~ Professor Daniel Pauly


“Our goal in initiating this program is to afford such opportunity to young African researchers who may be isolated and their talents untapped due to their lack of connection to the valuable scientific networks that elevate and engage researchers in richer countries. To rise to their full potential, which is needed to ensure a sustainable African ocean economy that supports the livelihoods of Africans, these early career researchers need exposure to diverse collaborators and the opportunity to co-create knowledge with colleagues around the globe.” ~ Professor Rashid Sumaila


Program Details

Dr. Daniel Pauly and Dr. Rashid Sumaila

The Africa-UBC Oceans & Fisheries Visiting Fellows Program is the brainchild of Drs. Daniel Pauly and Rashid Sumaila. These world-renowned professors won the 2023 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, and wanted to create a program that builds beneficial international relationships between sustainability scholars in Africa and Canada.

The Africa-UBC Oceans & Fisheries Visiting Fellows Program will enable academics to participate in a year-long affiliation, including a one month in-person placement at UBC’s Vancouver (Point Grey) campus. Travel costs, accommodation and a per diem will be provided for the selected Visiting Fellows.

Participants should have a PhD or research equivalent, and hold an appointment in a sub-Saharan African academic or research institution. In addition to publicly presenting their work at the end of the affiliation period, participants are expected to publish a collaborative paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

The scholarly and scientific work to be generated (publications, policy ideas and management plans, training of highly trained scholars, etc.) would be of immense benefit for all participants.

Ultimately, this initiative will make a tangible contribution to the sustainable management of ocean and freshwater resources in Africa, Canada, and the rest of the world.

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