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Dr. Amanda Vincent has been named as one of The Royal Society of Canada (RSC)’s newest Fellows.

For the past two weeks, Marine Mammal Research Unit (MMRU) researchers led by Dr. Andrew Trites have been studying the feeding behaviours of northern resident killer whales.

Bluefin tuna, swordfish and Atlantic mackerel are among the fish species considered commercially extinct or extirpated on the Turkish side of the Marmara and Black Seas.

Tropical oceans and fisheries are threatened by climate change, generating impacts that will affect the sustainable development of both local economies and communities, and regions outside the tropics.

The food and nutrient security of billions of people worldwide depend on fish being treated as a domestic public health asset instead of a commodity.

Of the fish populations analyzed, 82% were found to be below levels that can produce maximum sustainable yields. Of these, 87 populations were found to be in the "very bad" category, with biomass levels at less than 20% of what is needed to maximize sustainable fishery catches.

The researchers propose fishing targets be set to levels in which fishers leave more fish in the water than the minimum required to generate maximum sustainable yields

Ocean Nexus research at IOF will focus on marine pollution and ocean acidification, and on social and economic measures related to the 'Blue Economy'

Satellite telemetry and time-depth recorders are providing new and surprising insights into the secret lives of bowhead whales

Long-term benefits of sea otter recovery could be worth as much as $53 million per year