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This technical report supports what researchers have been saying for many years – we urgently need to rebuild overfished fish stocks in order to recoup the current economic and social benefits that are inescapable with current catch loss.

The following students - incoming and current - have won IOF awards.

Science is not just for scientists. Citizen science has been instrumental in helping us understand more about the elusive, but majestic, transient killer whales.

Being a part of the Arctic food web means constantly moving around trying to avoid being eaten while looking for a snack yourself.

In this Fisheries Centre Research Report the authors have undertaken the task of synthesizing and analyzing data contributed to the iSeahorse community science project.

Researchers from around the world are urging the international community to recognize the full environmental and health threat of plastics and categorize them as persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic (PBT) pollutants.

IOF Keanu Reefs defeat Commerce Cubs 8-6. The Reefs are now 1-1 heading into week 3 of the season. They take on the Pharmacology Druggers and Sluggers next Thursday at 5:30PM.

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in our oceans, coastal areas, and buried deep in the soil. It’s in our food and our water, and wreaks havoc on the natural world around us.