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UBC study assembled and presented the first quantitative estimates of catch by women and the associated value of what is brought to shore, on a global scale.

Eight to 14 million tonnes of unreported fish catches are traded illicitly every year, costing the legitimate market between $9 and $17 billion in trade each year.

The Indianapolis Prize Finalists represent the world's most successful professional wildlife conservationists, biologists and scientists, and their heroic work has saved dozens of animal species and their habitats from extinction.

Diners may soon find more farmed oysters and fewer Atlantic salmon on their plates as climate change warms Canada’s Pacific coast.

This award enables faculty to pursue full-time research during a recognized study leave.

Daniel Pauly
He, and two others, are being recognized for “their seminal contributions to our understanding of the world’s oceans, and their efforts to protect and conserve marine biodiversity and oceanic ecosystem services in a rapidly changing world.”

A new study by Sea Around Us found that total marine fisheries catches were 27% higher over the last 60 years than the data officially reported by the FAO on behalf of the Marshall Islands

Recreational catches of these fishes have gradually increased over the last six decades around the world, now accounting for 5-6% of total catches taken for leisure or pleasure.

The only thing stopping you is you: once you get out of your own way an entire universe of possibilities opens up.

The new method revealed that several fish stocks across oceans are far below internationally agreed minimum levels and in urgent need of sustainable management.