IOF Student Society

The Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (IOF) Student Society works to create a stronger sense of community between the various research units in the IOF.

Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month in the Hakai Node from 12-1 pm and are open to all students. We are always looking for more students to participate, so feel free to come and share your ideas!

The Student Society plans regular social events throughout the year, including:

  • Alumni Night: Fisheries Centre/IOF alumni of various career paths are invited to speak about their experiences since leaving, followed by round-table discussions.
  • Whistler Ski trip: Students escape to the slopes for a weekend of outdoor fun
  • Fish n’ Chips: An informal seminar where IOF students are invited to give presentations on their current and past work
  • Deep Sea Data Squad (DSDS): This group meets every Wednesday from 10-12pm in the Hakai Node for a co-working session in R with the idea of helping each other better understand R programming and create a supportive coding community
  • Semi-regular events: BBQs, beach clean-ups, movie nights, potlucks, and more!

The society also awards several travel grants for students each year and organizes fundraisers for charity. Check out upcoming events on the News & Upcoming Events tab below.

If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, please contact the IOF Student Society at

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The IOF Student Society’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee has been working to create resources that provide information about EDI policies, initiatives, and support within IOF and across UBC. Here are two documents that the Committee created (with assistance from the Equity and Inclusion Office):

  • The Expectations and Resources for Creating a Respectful Climate: This describes university policies surrounding EDI, guidelines and resources for what students can do if they have a problem and/or need support, and what we, the IOF Student Society JEDI Committee, can do to help, along with our contact info. Importantly, the university has Codes of Conduct (for students, staff, and faculty) that we are all expected to adhere to, whether on or off campus and even when interacting with people who are not associated with the University. We encourage everyone to become familiar with these Codes of Conduct (links are in the document).
  • The second document is an Introduction to Indigenous Relations at UBC, and we hope it will be a valuable resource for everyone, but especially those who are new to BC and/or Canada, and those who are unfamiliar with the University’s efforts for reconciliation (including territorial acknowledgments) and why they are so important and necessary. It includes a list of resources for Indigenous students at UBC, as well as resources for non-Indigenous students who would like to learn more and provide support.

Photo courtesy of the IOF Student Society.

Co-President Karly McMullen
Co-President Max Miner
Faculty Student Representatives Karly McMullen, Max Miner
Treasurer Jessica Schaub
GSS Representative Taryn Scarff
Faculty Liaison Colette Wabnitz
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Representatives Meaghan Efford
Roshni Mangar
Travel Grant Award Committee Roshni Mangar
Social Lead Kirsten Sora
Communications Officer
Auger-Methe Lab Katie Florko
Ron Togonuv
CORU Lab Ambre Soszynski
Christensen Lab Santiago de la Puente
Donner Lab Sara Cannon
Harley Lab TBA
Hunt Lab Jessica Schaub
McAllister Lab TBA
Pakhomov Lab Lian Kwong
Centre for Indigenous Fisheries Kasey Stirling, Kate Mussett
Sea Around Us Lab Rebecca Schijns
Rosenfeld Lab Thomas Smith
FERU/OceanCanada Lab Alli Cutting
MMRU Lab Rhea Storlund
Statistical Ecology Research Group Rowenna Gryba
Project Seahorse Lab Adam Hicks
Post-doc Representative

Upcoming Events

IOF Welcome Lunch 2021

October 28, 2021
12:00 – 2:00 pm PDT

The IOF will be holding its Welcome Lunch, and we want you to be there. This event is an opportunity for new and returning members of IOF to meet and mingle outside of the screens.

The Chickpea food truck will be in the parking area between AERL and the Food, Nutrition and Health Building. The platter with a choice of main will be available to all within IOF. Weather permitting, we hope everyone will safely socialize outdoors, and remember: everyone has varying comfort levels.

Please fill out the sign-up sheet here so we can have approximate numbers for the event. Tickets are available to pick up from Kristen Sora (AERL 2nd floor loft).

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IOFSS Ski Trip & Snowshoeing

Photo courtesy of the IOF Student Society.

Photo: Rebecca Schjins.

IOFSS Chinese New Year Lunch

Photo courtesy of the IOF Student Society.

Photo courtesy of the IOF Student Society.

IOFSS Fish Farm Trip

Photo courtesy of the IOF Student Society.

Photo courtesy of the IOF Student Society.