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WL W19 Communications Assistant/Writer

Sept 1st 2019 – April 2020

Note: This is a part-time student position through UBC’s WorkLearn program.

Under the direction of the Communications Manager, the Communications Assistant/Writer will assist with, and perform, tasks of moderate complexity, implementing communications strategies, maintaining the Institute’s communications channels, producing or publishing new content in order to achieve both these objectives, and assisting with the redesign of the Institute’s website. We are looking for someone who possesses excellent oral and written English skills, has experience with interviewing subjects, and is passionate about telling accurate, interesting stories about science.

Apply through the Careers Online website (Job ID: 868953) here

Deadline: August 20, 2019

MITACS Graduate Student Intern

Project: Coastal Community Access to Fisheries in Canada
Approx. Sept 9-Dec 20, 2019 (dates somewhat flexible)

This objective of this project is to develop and implement a quantitative survey of fishermen in coastal British Columbia to help to fill these gaps in knowledge. We are hiring a MITACS graduate student intern for the fall (Sept-Dec 2019) to assist with conducting the survey, data entry, analysis and writing. Salary and travel costs will be covered.

Deadline: August 20, 2019

Call for Expression of Interest: Conducting a Literature Review related to alternative shellfish aquaculture practices and impact of netting on marine ecosystem health

Working with Association for Denman Island Marine Steward (ADIMS), under supervision of Dr. Barbara Mills and Dr. Juan Jose Alava

We are seeking a graduate student or research assistant familiar with the complexities of sustaining the marine ecosystem amongst the many anthropogenic threats and the challenges of climate change and industrial expansion. Such a candidate must have a fulsome understanding of the components that influence the marine ecosystem, understand the language of this specialty, differentiate the relevance and validity of research methods and analysis, and be able to distinguish between biased and un-biased research. Experience in scientific literature review and writing is essential, as is clarity in communication.

Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest: August 20, 2019

Deputy Director, Nereus Network (Research Associate)

The Nexus Program, based at the University of Washington and affiliated with the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British Columbia, is currently looking for a Research Associate to as Deputy Director (DD) of its Nereus Network. This network was created as a partnership between the Nippon Foundation, the University of British Columbia, and leading academic institutes in North America and Europe, to undertake interdisciplinary research with the view of developing new knowledge to promote sustainability for the world’s oceans. Now that this research program has completed, the DD will be responsible for actively maintaining and growing the network, promoting its participation in pertinent policy and research discussions, and aligning strategies with those of the Nexus Program. The DD will additionally be responsible for personally leading research projects, specifically under the themes of Blue Economy and ocean development policies.

Deadline: September 16, 2019