IOF Awards

COSMOS* International Graduate Travel Award

This award supports deserving international graduate student for research/field work to be conducted in the student’s region or country of origin.

Cecil and Kathleen Morrow Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded for best academic proposal for research travel work using techniques developed at the IOF. Preference given to international travel

Lawrence Edward Hassell Graduate Field Research Award in Fisheries

For a graduate student engaged in field research on sustainability of ecosystems; preference given to salmon ecosystems research.

Brian Jessop Graduate Award in Freshwater and Diadromous Fisheries

For a graduate student whose research focuses on freshwater and/or diadromous fisheries.

Richard J. and Julia KREJSA Scholarship in Oceans and Fisheries

For a graduate student whose research focuses on studying biological remediation methods of fishery recovery and restoration within marine, estuarine, and/or freshwater ecosystems affected by environmental impacts, particularly pollution and climate change

Margaret Ann Joan and William Francis Spring Graduate Award in Ocean Health

For an outstanding domestic graduate student whose research is focused on the impacts, risks, and mitigation of plastic in the ocean.

Sumaila-Volvo Graduate Prize in Environmental Sustainability

For a graduate student whose peer-reviewed publications are expected to have significant impact on field of environmental sustainability.