Tuition and Fees

All graduate students are required to pay tuition fees.

Tuition Fees for graduate students are paid in three instalments annually. Note that there are student fees in addition to tuition fees. These student fees cover AMS and GSS fees, Medical and Dental Extended Health Plans, Sports and Athletics, U-Pass/Compass Card, etc. Information about these fees can be found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies site.

All fees for the year are subject to adjustment, and UBC reserves the right at any time to change fees without notice. This includes tuition and student fees.

Source: UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website

If a student does not pay the fees on time, the student’s records will be placed on “financial hold”, all registration activities will be blocked, and the student will be charged a penalty fee.

M.Sc. students

Tuition fees are not generally covered for UBC M.Sc. students, however the IOF’s minimum funding policy for OCF M.Sc. includes the cost of domestic tuition for the first two years of the M.Sc. student’s program.

Note: This means that while the cost of domestic tuition is covered, the student is still responsible for payment of tuition and fees.

Tuition fees of Canadian M.Sc. students for 2019-20 are $4995.78 for the first and second year of study, payable in three instalments of $1,665.26. Afterward, continuing fees for 2019-2020 are paid in instalments of $760.80.

International M.Sc. students
Full-time international students are also automatically considered for and, if eligible, generally awarded the International Tuition Award.

Tuition fees of international M.Sc. students for 2018-19 are $8776.74, payable in three instalments of $2,925.58. The continuing fees after the second year of study are also paid in instalments of $2,925.58. All full-time international students are eligible and generally awarded the International Tuition Award. This award provides to $3,200/year for those international graduate students without an external scholarship that covers tuition. More details are available via the international students’ letter of admission.

Ph.D. students

The Faculty of Science is currently covering tuition fees for students in their first four years of their Ph.D. program. To be considered, tuition must not be funded from other sources and students need to be registered in a course (e.g. FISH 699).

Note: The student is still responsible for payment of tuition (by accepting the Tuition Award) and fees.