Seahorse exploitation and trade in Viet Nam

Seahorse exploitation and trade in Viet Nam looks at the difficulties that Viet Nam experienced as they tried to implement Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) required export controls for seahorses, which eventually resulted in an export trade suspension in 2013.

Hippocampus spinosissimus

Project Seahorse researchers worked to address gaps in knowledge and capacity, as well as gathering information on the biology, fisheries, aquaculture, and trade of seahorses in Viet Nam, conducting 146 interviews in eight provinces. The researchers found several areas of concern related to the trade in seahorses, concluding that the implementation of “CITES Appendix II listings requires attention to fisheries management, ensuring that wild populations are not overexploited. Such attention is central to security of both national marine resources and biodiversity. In addressing concerns for seahorses, countries can do much for marine wildlife in general, particularly if they establish marine protected areas as part of their fisheries and marine management.”

This report is part of the Fisheries Centre Research Report series.