Research Themes

Ecology and Biology

Core faculty: Marie Auger Methe, William Cheung, Chris Harley, Brian Hunt, Evgeny Pakhomov, Daniel Pauly, David Rosen, Curtis Suttle, Andrew Trites, Amanda Vincent

From viruses and microbes to phyto-plankton and zooplankton. From seahorses to whales. From freshwater to the high seas. Our researchers cover the world examining species ecology, animal behaviour and movement, and their interactions with humans, as indicators of ecosystem change.

Ecosystem Modelling

Core faculty: Tom Carruthers, Villy Christensen, Murdoch McAllister, Daniel Pauly, Carl Walters

Ecosystem modelling approaches and tools, such as Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE), decision-support software tools, manage-ment strategy evaluations, dynamic population models and Bayesian statistical methods, species distribution models and habitat modelling, and statistical analyses of fisheries and fisheries ecosystems help us understand the past, present and future of our shared marine resources.

Human, Social and Economic Dimensions

Core faculty: Tom Carruthers, William Cheung, Simon Donner, Daniel Pauly, Tony Pitcher, Rashid Sumaila, Amanda Vincent

Our oceans and freshwater systems are a powerful part of our human conscious-ness. We know that human impacts have, for the most part been destructive; how do we change that so that the marine ecosystems that feed us, employ us, and support us can be sustained in an equitable, restorative, and resilient way.

Sustainability and Policy

Core faculty: Marie Auger Methe, William Cheung, Simon Donner, Chris Harley, Brian Hunt, Evgeny Pakhomov, Daniel Pauly, Rashid Sumaila, Amanda Vincent

We only have one Earth: how can we sustain it? Analyzing and predicting climate change impacts, advancing marine conservation, offering mitigation and adaptation solutions, conducting collaborative interdisciplinary research and resource management, and seeking practical solutions in local, regional, and global policy forums.