FISH 501

Ecosystem Modeling with Ecopath with Ecosim

Credit Value

3 credits

May – June 2019 (final dates TBA)
Lectures are daily from 10:00-11:50, and labs daily from 13:00-15:00. No class on Victoria Day.
Location: AERL 107/8


The course is arranged as a workshop where the sessions are focused on a combination of theory and hands-on and where each participant can work on an ecosystem model selected based on research interests (BYOM). The course is centred on the Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) approach and software, and during the course we will work with a series of topics, which to the extent possible will be implemented in the participants’ models,

  • Data requirements and availability
    • Extracting data from online databases, notably FishBase
  • Parameters and mass-balance
  • Network analysis and ecosystem indicators
  • Economic and social aspects: from producer to consumer
  • Biomass distributions across trophic levels
  • Time-dynamic modeling: the foraging arena
  • Fitting ecosystem models to time series data
  • Modeling environmental impacts and mediation
  • Uncertainty, Monte Carlo approaches
  • Management strategy evaluation
  • Introduction to spatial modeling
  • Using ecosystem modeling for environmental impact assessments
  • Spatial optimizations/zoning

Course Instructor

Dr Villy Christensen

Teaching Assistant