FISH 500

Issues in Fisheries Research: Seminars

Credit Value
3 credits

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IOF members and others interested in the topics are encouraged to attend the weekly seminar.

Official credit students are expected to attend every seminar in both terms, as well as the discussion session in both terms. Seminars typically last an hour, though questions may go longer. The discussion sessions will review and critique the seminars and discuss what makes for good presentations.

Students enrolled in the class are expected to give individual seminar presentations, typically in Term 2 of the course. Grading will be based 40% on the student oral presentation and 60% on written comment and critique of each of the seminars by outside speakers, a written peer review of a publication related to one of the seminars, and class participation.

Course Convenor
Dr. Rashid Sumaila

Seminar Facilitator
Dr. David Rosen