Vicky Wing Yee Lam

Program Manager / Research Associate

Nippon Foundation – UBC Nereus Program
Changing Ocean Research Unit



Contact Information

Office phone: (604) 822-1636
Website: Changing Ocean Research Unit; Nippon Foundation – UBC Nereus Program; UBC Experts Guide

Research Interests

Fisheries economics, climate change, fisheries, socio-economics, Nature Resources Economics, Sustainability, Vulnerability/Risk assessment, global change, adaptation


Vicky W.Y. Lam is a Fisheries Economist and Program Manager at the Nereus Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. She dedicates herself to a broad range of fisheries related researches. One of Vicky’s research interests is to focus on understanding the socio-economic impacts of global change on marine resources, fisheries and human well-beings. She has studied the extent of economics impact of climate change on global fisheries in terms of change in economic variables; and the socio-economic implication of the impacts of projected climate change and ocean acidification on marine resources in some regions, which are highly vulnerable to the change in climate, such as West Africa and the Arctic region. She is experienced in studying the vulnerability and adaptation of coastal countries, communities and fishers to global change. She is interested in understanding spatial dynamic of fishing effort and how the change in fishers’ behavior would affect the harvest under climate change by using modeling approach. Vicky also studied and analyzed the potential policies and measures for mitigating and adapting to these global changes.

Contact Information

Office phone: (604) 822-1636

Website: Changing Ocean Research Unit
Nippon Foundation – UBC Nereus Program
UBC Experts Guide

Selected Publication

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