Juliano Palacios Abrantes

Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Unit

Changing Oceans Research Unit (CORU)


PhD. Zoology; Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British Columbia
MS. Environmental Science and Management; Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California at Santa Barbara
BS. Biology; Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, unidad Xochimilco

Contact Information

Email: j.palacios@oceans.ubc.ca
Website: www.julianopalacios.com

Social Media

Twitter: @julianop_a

Research Interests

Juliano Palacios Abrantes’ work looks at how climate change is shifting the distribution of marine species generating uncertain feedbacks on marine ecosystems and dependent fishing communities. Specifically, he looks at how such shifts affect shared stocks (e.g., stocks that are shared between neighbouring states) threatening the sustainability of marine resources and accentuating sources of conflict. His work spans from global to local studies highlighting the need for adaptive, collaborative, equitable and ecosystem- based management strategies. Born in Brazil and raised in Mexico, he has a special interest in supporting ocean governance in the Latin American region.

Selected Publications

Palacios-Abrantes, J., Frölicher, T. L., Reygondeau, G., Sumaila, U. R., Tagliabue, A., Wabnitz, C. C. C., and Cheung, W. W. L., 2022. Timing and magnitude of climate-driven range shifts in transboundary fish stocks challenge their management. Global Change Biology, 00, 2312-2326.

Tittensor, D. P., … Palacios-Abrantes, et al., 2021. Next-generation ensemble projections reveal higher climate risks for marine ecosystems. Nature Climate Change.

Palacios-Abrantes, J., Reygondeau, G., Wabnitz, C. C. C., and Cheung, W. W. L., 2020. The transboundary nature of the world’s exploited marine species. Scientific Reports, 10 (1), 415–12.

Palacios-Abrantes, J., Sumaila, U. R., and Cheung, W. W. L., 2020. Challenges to transboundary fisheries management in North America under climate change. Ecology and Society, 25 (4), art41–17.

Palacios-Abrantes, J. and Cisneros-Montemayor, A. Tendencias de la investigación pesquera en México: necesidades y oportunidades para la adaptación al cambio climático. 2020. In (eds. Tapia, P. and Urrea, U.) Pescadores en México y Cuba retos y oportunidades ante el cambio climático. Ciudad de México, 225