Marie Auger-Méthé

Associate Professor

Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries
Department of Statistics

Canada Research Chair

Tier 2, Statistical Ecology

IOF Graduate Advisor


BSc (Hons);

Contact Information

Office phone: 604-822-1658
Office location: Room 241, 2202 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
Website: Statistical Ecology Research Group
Twitter: @AugerMethe

Research Unit

Statistical Ecology Research Group

Research Interests

Marie is broadly interested in developing and applying statistical tools to infer behavioural and population processes from empirical data. While she is mostly interested in marine and polar species (e.g. narwhals and polar bears), the methods she develops are usually applicable to a wide range of species and ecosystems. Her current work centres on modelling animal behaviour using movement data. In addition, Marie is interested in the conservation and management of marine and polar ecosystems.


Marie is an assistant professor in the Institute for the Oceans & Fisheries and in the Department of Statistics. Most of her work is interdisciplinary in nature and at the intersection between ecology, statistics, and marine sciences. Her recent focus has been on developing and applying statistical models to understand the movement and space use of marine species. Prior to starting at UBC, Marie did her PhD at the University of Alberta, and a BSC, MSc, and Postdoctoral fellowship at Dalhousie University.


  • FISH 506H/STAT 547N Statistics in Ecology and Marine Sciences
  • STAT 300 Intermediate Statistics for Applications