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Current Opportunities

Assistant Professor position (Non-tenure track)

Location: IOF, UBC
Deadline: July 26, 2017

We are inviting applications for a full-time non-tenure track grant funded faculty position at the rank of Assistant Professor. The IOF has recently been successful in expanding its research efforts in the management of data-limited and at-risk Canadian fish stocks and this position is intended for talented individuals with an established track record in this field.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. Degree or equivalent, an outstanding research record, and have demonstrated ability in teaching. The successful candidate will possess a demonstrated ability for establishing and maintaining an independent research program. He/she is also expected to contribute to the IOF teaching, undertake research contributing to the IOF vision and mandate, and supervise graduate students in accordance with UBC policies. This position is contingent upon a commitment of sufficient funding from the funding agency to UBC to cover the salary, benefits and associated costs for three years.

Two PhD Student Opportunities

Global Modeling Group
Location: IOF, UBC

The two PhD student opportunities (PhDs) are to work on a research project at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries ( conducted in cooperation with the Pacific Salmon Foundation ( The study, Environmental Productivity Patterns of the Salish Sea, seeks to determine the primary factors affecting the survival of juvenile salmon and steelhead in the Salish Sea, and is conducted as part of the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project (SSMSP, This project seeks to understand how the environmental productivity of the Sea has changed over the half century along with the consequential impacts throughout the ecosystem.

One of the PhDs will be responsible for the development of a spatial ecosystem model of the Salish Sea based on the Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) approach and software, building on previous work in the area along with the extensive databases that have been built as part of the SSMSP (

The other PhD will further develop an individual based model (IBM) of juvenile salmon survival and distribution patterns in the Salish Sea, which will obtain hydrographic and biogeochemical information from a GETM/FABM (, model of the Salish Sea that will be built as part of the project as well as food web information from the EwE model that is being developed through the same overall activity.

Postdoctoral Position

Plankton Ecosystems Lab
Location: IOF, UBC

The candidate will apply biochemical approaches (bulk and compound specific isotope analysis; fatty acids) to a case study in the Strait of Georgia (SoG). The SoG supports the largest salmon and herring populations in British Columbia. Currently there are multiple initiatives conducting research into declines of salmon in the SoG and recruitment drivers of juvenile herring. The candidate will be expected to participate in and collaborate with these ongoing field programs to collect plankton and fish samples for this study, and will additionally have access to archived samples from 2015-2016. In addition, the candidate is expected to work with concurrent ecosystem modelling efforts, specifically through providing a regionally specific food-web framework to guide coupling of the physical, chemical and biological model components.

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