Herzberg Medal – NSERC

The NSERC Herzberg Medal will be awarded for both the sustained excellence and overall influence of a body of work conducted in Canada in the natural sciences or engineering.

The nominee must be a scientist or engineer employed at a Canadian university, Canadian federal or provincial government lab or private firm active in Canada whose research is primarily based in the fields of the natural sciences and/or engineering. NSERC reserves the right to rule on the eligibility of nominees.

The nominee’s work must demonstrate a high degree of expertise, creativity, imagination, leadership, perseverance and dedication. The nominations will be reviewed on the basis of contributions to the areas of the natural sciences or engineering served by NSERC.

An individual may win the NSERC Herzberg Medal only once. An individual may be nominated for the NSERC Herzberg Medal and other major NSERC prizes in the same year, but can receive only one such prize in a given year.

Deadline: April 1, 2022

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