Ramon Margalef Prize in Ecology

The Ramon Margalef Prize in Ecology is a prize awarded annually to recognize an exceptional scientific career or discovery in the field of ecology or other environmental science.

The award was created to honor the life and work of Dr. Ramon Margalef (1919-2004), one of the founding fathers of modern ecology and one of the most distinguished Spanish scientists of the twentieth century. The award has been presented every year since 2004 and comes with an honorarium of € 80,000 and a sculpture representing a microalga, called Picarola margalefii. It is open to ecologists from anywhere in the world. The award is given by the Generalitat de Catalunya in commemoration of Ramon Margalef.

Nomination package:

  • A letter or statement of well-reasoned justification signed and dated by the nominator
  • curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • letters of support, a full bibliography, articles, and a list of ‘interested links’ are optional

Deadline: May 28, 2022

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