Environmental changes and fisheries impact Baltic fish stocks more than grey seal predation

Fishing mortality and environmental factors affect fish biomass and catches more than seal predation in the region.

Sea-ing the People

Research Associate Lydia Teh discusses good stewardship and social responsibility in fisheries

Fishing pressure and climate change challenge Tokelau’s food security

Increasing fishing pressures, combined with climate change, will have a negative effect on the near-shore marine resources of Tokelau

Super Salmon Science

Hakai Institute’s Juvenile Salmon Program investigates factors affecting juvenile salmon across the Discovery Islands and Johnstone Strait.

Industrial fisheries are starving seabirds all around the world

Birds that feed on squid, Antarctic krill and small ‘mid-water’ fish such as herrings and sardines are suffering the most

The impact of global, future change on the lives of Tonle Sap inhabitants

Researchers explored the vulnerabilities of Cambodian lake fishers by examining their livelihood activities and responses to different scenarios of future change.

Fishing companies lose millions of dollars every year and they don’t know it

Companies could have increased their profits substantially had they allowed fish stocks to rebuild and then fished them sustainably.

The tragic disappearing act of Mediterranean sharks

IOF alumnus Madeline Cashion discusses efforts to save the shortfin mako shark, and how her research is helping.

Modern slavery promotes overfishing

Labour abuses, including modern slavery, are ‘hidden subsidies’ that allow distant-water fishing fleets to remain profitable and promote overfishing

WWF report reveals staggering extent of human impact on planet

IOF's Daniel Pauly and Deng Palomares wrote the fisheries section.