The People and the Ocean Specialist Group promotes the need to understand and integrate the voices, visions, rights, and livelihood needs of coastal peoples and island nations into policies and practices related to the conservation and management of the oceans.

The term of his appointment will be from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020.

The IOF has two faculty members on board this international salmon research voyage to the Gulf of Alaska

Researchers found that unless current conservation measures are increased, the birds' future conservation is precarious.

Researchers found that building trust with small-scale fishers, through actions like ensuring transparency and conducting outreach activities, is key to gaining local conservation support.

95% of dried seahorses in Hong Kong’s market were reported as being imported from source countries that had export bans in place.

"Krill is perhaps the largest fishing resource in the world’s oceans.”

Researchers are concerned with the amount of microplastics consumed by zooplankton and herring, which are foundational species in BC's regional marine food webs.