Michael A. Bigg Award for Student Research (Ocean Wise & Coastal Ocean Research Institute)

Recipients are honoured for their invaluable contributions to understanding, conserving, and communicating the diverse and irreplaceable aquatic ecosystems of western Canada and the species that inhabit them.

Michael A. Bigg Award: for highly significant student research advancing knowledge related to the oceans

The Awards give priority to aquatic-related work conducted in British Columbia; however, B.C. residents involved in conservation and research efforts elsewhere are also eligible. While the theme for these awards pertains to oceans, nominations for outstanding work in freshwater ecosystems will be considered. The Award can recognize highly significant recent work, an entire career of important, field-leading contributions, or both. We therefore welcome nominations of both recognized leaders and individuals in the early stages of promising research or conservation careers.

Nomination letters should include:

  • The name of the person or project being nominated and contact information
  • The award for which the person/project is being nominated
  • A brief summary of the nominee’s achievements and impacts
  • A letter of support from the nominator and at least one additional reference or letter
  • Additional relevant material (such as a CV, publication list, web-link, project report, etc.)

Please note that nominations submitted in the previous three years for the Awards will automatically be reconsidered for the 2017 awards, but we encourage the submission of updates before the nomination deadline.

More details

Deadline: February 7

Past IOF winners

Dr. Lucas Brotz (2016)