Timothy R. Parsons Medal (DFO Canada)

This award is awarded for distinguished accomplishments in multidisciplinary facets of ocean sciences while working for Canadian Institutions or for the benefit of Canadian science. It is awarded for excellence during the lifetime of the recipient (no posthumous nominations are considered) or for a recent outstanding achievement, both being equally eligible.

Candidates will be evaluated on their qualifications in at least several of the following five categories:

  • Significant contributions to multidisciplinary facets of ocean sciences
  • Contribution of significant ideas
  • Impact on Canadian Marine Science (in recognition of scientific accomplishment, and impact and/or influence of scientific work. The category shall be described through (i) Peer reviewed publications, (ii) Technical reports; and (iii) Advice to managers
  • Leadership through teaching/mentoring
  • Program, disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities (to include “outreach” activities)

 Nomination package:

  • A well supported candidate’s curriculum vitae/resume
  • A comprehensive record of publications, awards, and grant awards. It is also important that the nomination identify teaching and faculty positions held and the number of graduate students being supervised
  • A concise, comprehensive statement indicating the merits and contribution made by the nominee to multidisciplinary ocean science. (The statement shall be supported by references to significant contributions, ideas, publications, teaching activities and program leadership)
  • A summary of the accomplishments of the individual and a statement indicating how these accomplishments were connected with the progress of multidisciplinary ocean science
  • Letters of support

Deadline: March 31, 2022

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Past IOF winners

Dr. Andrew Trites (2018)
Dr. Chris Harley (2015)
Dr. Curtis Suttle (2011)
Dr. Carl Walters (2007)