A.G. Huntsman Award (Royal Society of Canada)

The A.G. Huntsman Award is presented annually to recognize excellence of research and outstanding contributions to marine sciences. The overarching aim is to find and recognize truly exceptional marine scientists.

Nominees of any nationality must meet the basic criteria of outstanding scholarship and excellence of contributions to marine science. Nominees should be actively involved in research programs and be currently providing major leadership in their field. They must have demonstrated a significant influence on the development of marine scientific thought and should be anticipated to continue having influence in the years to come.

The Award targets marine scientists near the midpoint of their careers and whose reputation and outstanding contributions place them in the forefront of their field. As a guideline, nominees whose research career to date is generally less than 30 years since PhD was conferred are being sought.

Nomination package:

  • Nominate form complete by nominator, including full mailing address and contact information
  • Nomination Statement (Please include a brief explanation of influence and leadership provided. Suggest 3–5 paragraphs.)
  • Citation of Career Highlights (Please provide a 1–3 page summary of scientific achievements and career highlights relevant to the nomination)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Please attach an up–to–date Curriculum Vitae for the nominee. This should include a list of publications (journals, symposia, book chapters/reviews, other documents), and lists of relevant professional activities such as positions held, major projects, influential committees, and supervision/mentoring of other scientists (students, PDFs, RAs).

Deadline: Letter of Intent – 31 March 2020
Deadline: Full Dossier – 31 May 2020

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Past IOF winners

Dr. Curtis Suttle (2010)