Sir John William Dawson Medal (RSC)

For important contributions of knowledge in multiple domains.

The Sir John William Dawson Medal was established in 1985 by the RSC to honour the man who was its first President (1882-1883) and who was the foremost Canadian scientist and educator of his day: geologist, naturalist, teacher, author, man of religion, educational administrator and promoter of learning. The medal was endowed by McGill Graduates Society (founded by Sir William in 1857), the Henry Birks Foundation and the RSC itself, with contributions from Fellows, and staff and friends from McGill, to commemorate his term as Principal and to honour “the man who built McGill”.

To commemorate Dawson’s great versatility, the award is made for important and sustained contributions in two domains of interest to the RSC or in interdisciplinary research. The silver medal is awarded every two years if there is a suitable candidate.

Nomination package:

  • RSC Nomination form
  • Primary Nominator letter. Nominator MUST be a RSC Fellow
  • Co-nominator letters (2). Nominators do not have to be RSC Fellows
  • Citation (70 words)
  • Detailed appraisal (1000 words)
  • Referee letters (3) maximum of 3 pages long + biographical sketches (approx. 250 words)
  • CV (maximum 20 pages)

Special notes:

  • Candidates cannot apply on their own behalf.
  • Candidates shall be Canadian citizens or have had status for at least three years as Canadian Permanent Residents at the time of their nomination.
  • The packages MUST be created and submitted in a specific manner or they are automatically rejected. Ensure that submission follows this instructional guide EXACTLY.

Deadline: Deadline: March 31st, 2021 at 8:00pm (Eastern time).. Offered every two years.

More information

Past IOF winners

Dr. Daniel Pauly (2017)