Samantha Ramirez


Thesis Topic

Modelling the spatial and temporal risk of hypoxia in Salish sucker and Coho salmon streams in the lower Fraser Valley


Dr. Jordan Rosenfeld


Bachelor of Science

Research Unit

Applied Freshwater Ecology Research Unit


Student Profile: Samantha Ramirez


I grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario called Fort Erie and was always intrigued by the dominating agricultural landscape and it’s impact on Lake Erie fish. I had the opportunity to complete my Bachelor’s of Science at the University of Guelph majoring in Wildlife Biology and Conservation and minoring in Geographical Information Systems and Environmental Analysis. I completed my undergraduate thesis using GIS to analyze agricultural landscapes while simultaneously gaining experience at many governmental organizations such as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Parks Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Throughout those years I learned that I am passionate about both of these fields of study, so why not study both in the future?

Research Interests

My research interests include both the ecological and socio-economic impacts of agricultural practices on aquatic ecosystems (both freshwater and marine) and how geographical information systems can add to effective and efficient conservation efforts.


Bryant Family Thesis Research Prize 2019
EnviroCon 2019 Best Graduate Poster Presentation
Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Travel Grant

Selected Publications

Ramirez, Samantha (2020) Small, But Significant Declines In Crop Productivity On Low Fertility Soils. University of Guelph, Vol 12 No 1 (2020): Vol 12



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LinkedIn: Samantha Ramirez
Twitter: @SamRam_IAm