Polina Orlov


Thesis Topic

Decomposition and sinking of salps and elemental and biochemical changes during decay


Dr. Evgeny Pakhomov


BSc, Combined Major in Science: Chemistry, Life Science, and Earth and Environmental Science, University of British Columbia

Research Unit

Marine Zooplankton and Micronekton Laboratory


My interdisciplinary background has brought me to study some of the most captivating and under-recognized organisms in the oceans – salps! Salps are gelatinous zooplankton that are quite ubiquitous across the world oceans, have a fascinating life cycle, and can occur in large blooms spanning many kilometres.

My research focuses on their gelatinous biomass composition and decay. In particular, I am looking at Salpa aspera decay and sinking rates at various temperatures by conducting decomposition experiments. Additionally, I’m analyzing their biogeochemical and elemental composition and any changes throughout the decomposition process. With this, I hope to contribute to a better understanding of salps’ role in carbon and nutrient cycles and the impact of their large-scale blooms on mesopelagic and benthic ecosystems.

Contact Information

Email: porlov@eoas.ubc.ca

Social Media

Twitter: @Polina_Orlov