Quantitative Seminars

The IOF Oceans and Fisheries Seminar Series is open to the public. Everyone is welcome!

The IOF Oceans and Fisheries Quantitative Seminars Series invites speakers to present the latest research current research in the general area of quantitative fisheries data analysis and policy development.

January 13 Ben Nelson Impacts of seal predation and hatcheries on Chinook and coho salmon in the Salish Sea
January 20 Eric Parkinson Evaluation of Entrainment Mitigation Options for Seton Lake Sockeye
January 27 Carl Walters A tutorial on stochastic dynamic programming, optimization in policy space, and DFO’s “precautionary” harvest control rules
February 3 Erin Rechisky A Synthesis of the Coast-wide Decline in Survival of West Coast Chinook Salmon
February 10 Rob Bison Recovery and Persistence of Interior Fraser Steelhead
February 17
February 24 Sean Cox Three challenges that will keep your harvest strategy research out of the real world, plus some ideas on how to overcome them
March 3 Christopher Cahill Unveiling the recovery dynamics of Walleye Sander vitreus after the invisible collapse
March 10 Mike Hawkshaw Big Bar Landslide: Using sonar and radio telemetry to understand impacts of a landslide on Pacific salmon migration in the Fraser River
March 17 Dr. George Rose, Honorary Professor Shifted spawning distributions of Canada’s iconic Northern cod: stock structure, SSB-R, reference points, management
March 24 Robyn Forrest Have major management changes led to more selective fishing in Canada’s Pacific groundfish fishery?
March 31 Cancelled
April 7 Brendan Connors Confronting salmon harvest-diversity tradeoffs in large river basins
April 14 Marie Auger-Méthé State-space models for animal movement
April 20 Vania Henriquez Assessment models and Bayesian Decision Networks for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) from Bay of Fundy and Scotian Shelf
September 23 Dr. Carl Walters Role of pinniped predation in recent B.C. fish stock collapses

Select IOF seminar videos are available for viewing here.