Natalie Benoit


Thesis Topic

Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to monitor outmigrating juvenile Pacific salmon


Dr. Brian Hunt

Research Unit

Pelagic Ecosystems Lab


I am a M.Sc. student working on environmental DNA (eDNA). Specifically, I am looking at seine vs eDNA sampling to measure relative abundance of species. I am working with the Hakai Institute’s Juvenile Salmon Program to gain insights about how salmon biodiversity and monitoring can be linked to this exciting, emerging tool in conservation science.

I am from the small town of Shelburne, Vermont. I came to UBC in 2016 to pursue my B.Sc. in Natural Resources Conservation. From individual genes to entire ecosystems, I am eager to assist in the development of spatial and temporal sampling of salmon via eDNA.

Research Interests

Conservation genetics, Bycatch mortality and management, Anadromous fish ecology


Brian Jessop Award 2020

Contact Information