Applied Freshwater Ecology Research Unit

This group is interested in applied conservation and management issues as they pertain to British Columbia’s freshwater resources.

The group consists of research scientists and staff from both the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (Conservation Science Section) and the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC. Its core members and students focus on recreational fisheries management, stocking and aquaculture, recreational fisheries marketing, minimum instream flow to support fish production, species at risk and whole system nitrification and monitoring.

  • Dr. Jordan Rosenfeld is a freshwater ecologist who specializes in the ecology of flowing waters, the bioenergetics of drift feeding, juvenile salmonid growth and habitat use in streamsm and the conservation of freshwater species at risk and their stream habitats.
  • Dr. Brett Van Poorten is a fisheries scientist and ecologist who studies the population dynamics of aquatic ecosystems and how they are affected by and provides benefit to society, with a focus on recreational fisheries systems, and linking bioenergetics and ecosystem models to management options to provide guidance for decision-makers.
  • Dr. Steve McAdam specializes in the ecology, conservation, and management of sturgeon.