Kate Mussett


Thesis Topic

Co-developing a bio-cultural framework for fish habitat and water assessment with Lower Fraser First Nations


Dr. Andrea Reid


BA, Hons., Anthropology, Minor Environment and Society, University of British Columbia

Research Unit

Centre for Indigenous Fisheries


Being born and raised in a small town on Canada’s east coast within Mi’kma’ki, I have always been influenced by the ocean and its inhabitants. Through my undergraduate degree at UBC, I was able to combine an education in anthropology and the relationship between people, culture, and the environment, with natural resource conservation. The interdisciplinary nature of my degree allowed me to learn from a number of approaches to current issues in conservation through oceanography, forest science, fisheries biology, and social ecology. Within my undergraduate honours thesis, which looked at fisheries co-management regimes in Canada’s Eastern Arctic, I combined these avenues to better understand the relationship between Indigenous Knowledge and Western conservation science in this context.

I carry forward many of these same goals and research interests into my MSc under the guidance of Dr. Andrea Reid, with the Centre for Indigenous Fisheries. My research will involve knowledge co-production in fish and fish habitat aquatic health assessments with Lower Fraser First Nations and will aim to develop a framework that can be used by interested Nations across British Columbia. It is an honour to be able to position my allyship within a discipline I am truly passionate about and I look forward to helping to shift the ways in which we, as settler Canadians, look at science and scientific research. When not dedicating myself to these pursuits, I can often be found in the mountains, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, or fishing.

Contact Information

Email: k.mussett@oceans.ubc.ca