Joanna Wong


Thesis Topic

Arctic Tern Migration: From Individual Variation to Commonflyways of Trans-Equatorial Seabirds


Marie Auger-Méthé
Mark Mallory (Acadia U)

Research Unit

Statistical Ecology Research Group


Joanna is studying the migratory connectivity of Arctic tern breeding colonies in Nova Scotia, Northern Hudson Bay, Central Canadian Arctic, and Alaska. Using geolocators and advanced statistical movement analyses, Joanna will map individual routes post-breeding, and quantify the effect of favourable winds on migratory movement patterns. She will also identify staging sites, areas with abundant food resources, and evaluate the effect of primary productivity on individual and group staging. As the longest migrating species in the animal kingdom, Arctic terns play an important role in regulating prey abundance and delivering nutrient inputs across distant areas. Joanna’s research will help identify key sites and quantify the marine areas required to conserve this species. Joanna is in the Statistical Ecology Research Group and is supervised by Drs. Marie Auger-Méthé (IOF) and Mark Mallory (Acadia U).


Ocean Leaders Fellowship

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Joanna Wong

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Twitter: @jo_wng