Tuition and Student Fees

Graduate students are personally responsible for payment of tuition and student fees. The OCF minimum funding provides students with enough support for tuition fees, but students are personally responsible for paying both their tuition and their assessed student fees (please see Funding section for more details)

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are to be paid in three installments annually, and must be paid by the student. If your tuition is ‘covered’ by the OCF program, please keep in mind that this means YOU must pay it either by accepting an award in the system, or by paying the fees up front and being reimbursed over the term through TA-ships, GRA appointments or other means of support.

If a student does not pay the fees on time, the student’s records will be placed on “financial hold”, all registration activities will be blocked, and the student will be charged a penalty fee.

Student fees

Student fees cover AMS and GSS fees, Medical and Dental Extended Health Plans, Sports and Athletics, U-Pass/Compass Card, etc. You can “opt out” of some of these fees. Information can be found at

All fees for the year are subject to adjustment, and UBC reserves the right at any time to change fees without notice. This includes tuition and student fees.