Transferring from M.Sc. to Ph.D. Program

If you (with your supervisor’s approval) wish to upgrade to the Ph.D. program without completing the M.Sc. the following requirements must be met:

  • The student must have completed 12 credits of course-work with a First Class average (80%+) within the first 18 months of study.
  • After completion of the required course-work, and within 18 months of starting date, the M.Sc. supervisory committee (minimum three members) must recommend in writing to the Graduate Advisor that the student be transferred to the Ph.D. program. The committee should discuss who to add to the committee (four total members required).
  • A Ph.D. dissertation proposal must be approved at a meeting by the full four-person committee. The Institute will then make a recommendation to G+PS for this transfer. All transfers have to be approved by G+PS.

Once the dissertation proposal has been approved, the Comprehensive Exam can be scheduled. Note that the Comprehensive Exam must be taken within 18 months of starting graduate school at UBC, even for students transferring from the M.Sc. to Ph.D program.

Students are advised to discuss the consequences of a transfer with their supervisor and the Graduate Program Officer prior to applying for a transfer.

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