Program Requirements

The OCF Master’s (M.Sc.) Program

The Master’s program is a 2 year, full-time program that provides students with the opportunity to broaden their academic and research experience.

The OCF Master’s degree requires a minimum of 30 credits, achievable by one of two streams: one that is course-heavy, and includes a 12-credit thesis (FISH 549A); or one that is research-heavy and includes an 18 credit thesis (FISH 549B).

M.Sc. Program

The OCF Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program

The doctoral program is expected to take four years, and provides a student with demonstrated academic and research ability, and an opportunity to develop and strengthen his/her research capabilities and knowledge to a more advanced level.

Candidates must take the FISH 500 seminar course, and are required to pass a comprehensive examination on their research area within 24 months of their program start date, and then focus on their doctoral dissertation (FISH 699). This will involve intensive research resulting in an original and scholarly contribution to knowledge in a field of study.

Ph.D. Program