Boris Espinasse

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Pelagic Ecosystems Lab
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS)
Institute for the Ocean and Fisheries (UBC)


PhD Zooplankton Ecology and Dynamics, 2012
MSc Marine Biology, 2008
BSc Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 2006

Research Interests

I am a biological oceanographer focusing on biophysical interactions, zooplankton ecology and trophic structures in marine ecosystems. I use several types of approaches to characterize zooplankton community dynamics, including optical instruments (e.g. LOPC, LISST, ZooScan), stable isotopes and particle tracking modelling.


I completed my PhD in Marseille, France, studying zooplankton size structure in two contrasting environments, the Mediterranean Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula. I then moved to northern Norway for a post-doc investigating the advection dynamics of the dominant Calanus species, the main food source for cod larvae. A multidisciplinary approach is for me a necessity to understand the dynamics of lower trophic level, and I do so by combining physics, biogeochemistry and ecology.

My current project at UBC is a perfect example of that. We are looking at stable isotope signatures in the food web from phytoplankton to fish at the scale of the North Pacific, with objective to deliver indices for salmon feeding condition, and, thus, survival rate over their high-seas journey.

Contact Information


Pelagic Ecosystems Lab