David Costalago

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
MITACS-Pacific Salmon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
Pelagic Ecosystems Lab


Contact Information

2202 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
Email: d.costalago@oceans.ubc.ca

Research Interests

I am an aquatic ecologist who oscillates between estuaries and the ocean. I focus my research on aquatic food-webs and on how fish populations are affected by environmental and anthropogenic factors such as fisheries, climate change and pollution.

I use a wide range of techniques such as stable isotopes and ecological modelling to assess the condition and vulnerability of marine organisms from an ecosystemic perspective. Currently, I work on a project aimed at parameterizing the plankton food-web support system for juvenile Pacific salmon and herring.

As a curious and committed scientist, I enjoy exploring the links between ecosystems and human livelihoods. I thus intend to channel my skills and knowledge towards the conservation and management of marine resources.


Social media
Twitter: @nauplius97

Peer-reviewed articles:

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