Adam Hicks


Thesis Topic

A Global Review of E-commerce trade and seahorses.


Dr. Amanda Vincent and Dr. Sarah Foster


2013-2016 Oxford Brookes University BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

Research Unit

Project Seahorse


I am a current Master’s student at the University of British Columbia in the Institute for Oceans and Fisheries. I have an undergraduate degree from Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK) In Environmental Science. My focus for my undergraduate dissertation at Oxford Brookes was: Determining the likely impact of climate change temperature variations and Chytrid fungus on amphibian species distributions in Cusuco National Park, Honduras, using predicted climate change data and maximum entropy species distributions.

I then proceeded to work in terrestrial ecological consultancy in the UK, and in my role as Seasonal, and then Graduate Ecologist at Delta-Simons, I worked independently and as part of a team at times to perform a number of ecological surveys and assessments all over the UK.

This was followed by some time in Southeast Asia working with Scuba Junkie SEAS in Mabul Malaysia, which really piqued my interest in marine issues and brought my attention to the marine world.

I have been interested in the science and conservation of species as well as the wildlife trade since starting my undergraduate university and I have worked or researched in/or on species in Honduras, the UK, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Canada. These experiences led me to Dr. Amanda Vincent and Dr. Sarah Foster’s work on the wildlife trade of seahorses and then led me to the University of British Columbia.

Research Interests

My current project involves researching the parameters of the E-Commerce trade of seahorses. I hope to understand the volumes, values, species, ports, and countries involved in the trade, as well as how legal the trade is by developing an E-Commerce Framework and a series of verification questions.

I am also interested in many marine conservation and fisheries issues in Canada and abroad, with a particular focus in Southeast Asia as well as my current home here in Canada.

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