Frank Rigler Award – Society of Canadian Limnologists

The Frank Rigler Award is the highest honour given by the Society of Canadian Limnologists.

It was first presented in 1984 to recognize and honour major achievements in the field of limnology by Canadians or those working in Canada. Emphasis in selection is given to established aquatic scientists with a proven record of contribution to the field of aquatic sciences, whose work is widely recognized for its influence and importance. The winner of this award will give an overview on their research during the plenary session of the annual meeting of SCL/CCFFR, and will receive complimentary registration at the meeting and a one-year membership with the Society.

Nomination package:

  • A cover letter, not to exceed two pages in length (single-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins), describing clearly how the nominee has made a lasting contribution to the field of limnology, either as a Canadian citizen abroad or to the field of limnology in Canada. Contributions that should be highlighted in the nomination can include (but are not limited to) evidence of work that has a scope that is both broad and of high-impact; evidence of work that has directly influenced aquatic science policy, and major public outreach initiatives involving the candidate that increase awareness regarding the importance of freshwater resources to Canadians. The cover letter must also confirm the nominee’s commitment to attend the upcoming society meeting and, if selected, present the Rigler lecture.
  • A CV covering the applicant’s full scientific career that highlights employment history, publication record, funding held, contributions to training of students, invited lectures and contributions to public outreach, honours and prizes, and journal editorships and reviewing.

Deadline: Nomination submission deadline set for the last Friday in August..

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