Albert Einstein World Award of Science (World Cultural Council)

The “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science was created as a means of recognition and encouragement for scientific and technological research and development. It takes into special consideration research which has brought true benefit and wellbeing to mankind. Nominees for the “Albert Einstein” World Award of Science should be eminent scientists whose achievements can serve as an inspiration for future generations.

Candidates for the awards may be selected and proposed only through the following authorities in any country:

  • The President or the Prime Minister
  • Ministers of Science and Technology or Culture and Education
  • Directors of Institutes and Organizations
  • Rectors of Universities
  • Members of the World Cultural Council
  • Outstanding personalities in Science and Culture

Nomination Requirements

  • Nomination Letter. Letterhead of official institution stamp and personal signature.
  • Two reference letters. Letterhead of official institution stamp and personal signature.
  • A one or two page resume with the grounds for nominating the candidate and a list of the important achievements for the benefit of mankind, in a clear statement.
  • Candidate’s curriculum vitae (three pages maximum).
  • A list of the candidate’s 10 most important papers.
  • A list of all his/her publications (articles, books) with titles translated into English.
  • Candidate´s recent photograph in color (mandatory to be included in high resolution 300 dpi or more).
  • A copy of Candidate’s major publications must also be sent by postal mail

Deadline: 2022

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