Modern slavery promotes overfishing

Labour abuses, including modern slavery, are ‘hidden subsidies’ that allow distant-water fishing fleets to remain profitable and promote overfishing

WWF report reveals staggering extent of human impact on planet

IOF's Daniel Pauly and Deng Palomares wrote the fisheries section.

Women play critical role in fisheries governance, studies suggest

IOF researchers investigated women’s roles in fisheries governance in British Columbia and in the Philippines.

Project Seahorse and Guylian Belgian Chocolates celebrate 20 years of partnership

Guylian has created Belgian chocolates in the shape of seashells and seahorses and has been the major sustaining sponsor of Project Seahorse since 1999

Adams River Sockeye Trip

Every four years this river sees a large run of sockeye salmon and a group of IOF participants were lucky enough to witness this event

Dr. Deng Palomares receives award from Frontiers in Marine Science

The award acts as a positive acknowledgment of the impact of Dr. Palomares’ initiatives as Specialty Chief Editor

Dr. Andrew Trites awarded the UBC Faculty of Science Alumni Builder Award

The Award recognizes alumni who have significantly contributed to the University and enriched the lives of others.

Ahead of the G7 Summit, UBC researchers played key role in shaping marine policies

UBC researchers applied their expertise to tackle key ocean-based challenges and help shape marine policies.

Small in size, but mighty in impact

Salps are fascinating organisms that have a huge impact on the planet’s ability to manage climate change.

Hakai Coastal Initiative’s Marine Food Webs Working Group

This collaborative research unit aims to understand how marine food webs operate, with a particular focus on British Columbia’s coastal ocean.