Sarah Harper wins Sumaila-Volvo Graduate Prize

The prize is for a graduate student whose peer-reviewed publications to date are expected to have the most significant impact on the field of environmental sustainability

Status, Trends, and the Future of Fisheries in the East and South China Seas

Fisheries Centre Research Report (FCRR 27-1) is now available

COSMOS Award winner Caroline Graham is putting together the picture of salmon diets across the North Pacific

“Across the Pacific, a lot of data are available on salmon diets but there’s currently no centralized hub for this information,” explained Graham.

What’s in a name?

A new species of pipefish found in Argentina has been named after IOF Professor Amanda Vincent.

IOF Photography Art Contest 2019

We were thrilled to have a variety of creative, quirky and beautiful works from talented researchers and staff members.

Q&A with MSc Student Vanessa Fladmark

Coming to UBC from Haida Gwaii, Vanessa studies juvenile pink and chum salmon and what they eat in BC’s coastal waters – by looking at their stomach contents.

Marine protected areas can improve both human well-being and biodiversity conservation, new study finds

Small MPAs had more positive well-being outcomes, while large MPAs are shown to be more ecologically effective.

Dr. Sumaila and Dr. Auger-Méthé named as Canada Research Chairs

Dr. U. Rashid Sumaila named CRC Tier I in Interdisciplinary Ocean and Fisheries Economics, and Dr. Marie Auger-Méthé named CRC Tier II in Statistical Ecology.

Understanding the data about data: How metadatabases could improve Mexico’s ocean management

Analyzing this data can reveal knowledge trends and identify gaps for future research, and help stakeholders make the best choices for conserving Mexico's oceans.

Carl Walters appointed to the Order of British Columbia

Dr. Walters' research has had an important impact on fisheries science for the last 50 years