Ensuring individual transferable quotas benefit fisheries and the environment

Rashid Sumaila proposes various policy changes to help fishers benefit from ITQs while minimizing their negative impacts.

Nathan Bennett named Chair of IUCN People and the Ocean Specialist Group

The People and the Ocean Specialist Group promotes the need to understand and integrate the voices, visions, rights, and livelihood needs of coastal peoples and island nations into policies and practices related to the conservation and management of the oceans.

Curtis Suttle named Wall Scholar

The term of his appointment will be from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020.

International Gulf of Alaska Expedition

The IOF has two faculty members on board this international salmon research voyage to the Gulf of Alaska

Greater conservation efforts needed to protect Galápagos bird populations, a new study shows

Researchers found that unless current conservation measures are increased, the birds' future conservation is precarious.

Trust more important than ecology to gain local support for conservation

Researchers found that building trust with small-scale fishers, through actions like ensuring transparency and conducting outreach activities, is key to gaining local conservation support.

Protecting Canada’s endangered whales through scientific research and collaboration

Dr. Andrew Trites will receive $1 million over five years for research on Southern Resident Killer Whales

Despite export bans global seahorse trade continues

95% of dried seahorses in Hong Kong’s market were reported as being imported from source countries that had export bans in place.

Achieving Paris climate target could net additional billions in fisheries revenue

Achieving Agreement’s target could increase global fishers’ revenues by $4.6 billion annually.

As the Antarctic warms, krill move south to the colder ice shelves

"Krill is perhaps the largest fishing resource in the world’s oceans.”