Oceans and Fisheries Seminar Schedule


September 8 Jennifer Gardy
Assistant Professor, School of Population and Public Health, Canada Research Chair in Public Health Genomics, Senior Scientist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, co-host CBC's The Nature of Things and Discovery Channel's Daily Planet
Why Communicate Science? SCIence Communication Action Team - SciCAT!
Communicating our science and our scholarship is an incredibly important part of what we as researchers do. In this short and interactive session, a facilitator from SciCATS (the Science Communication Action Team!) will walk you through the fundamentals of talking about your research. Come prepared to learn, share, laugh, and be inspired!

Dr. Jennifer Gardy is a scientist and science communicator. By day, she's an Assistant Professor in UBC's School of Population & Pubic Health, where she holds a Canada Research Chair in Public Health Genomics and where her work focuses on sequencing bacterial DNA to track the spread of infectious diseases. By night, she's a regular guest host on CBC Television's long-running science documentary series The Nature of Things, a kids’ science book author, and a speaker on all things science communication-related!

September 15
September 22 Dr. Sarah Foster
National Coordinator, SeaChoice
Honorary Research Associate; Project Seahorse
Turning national commitments into conservation action for seahorses
September 29 Dr. Villy Christensen
Professor, Global Ocean Modelling, IOF, UBC
Using EwE for management and policy
October 6 Judith G. Hall
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Medical Genetics and Pediatrics, University of British Columbia and BC Children’s Hospital
Reflections on an Academic Career
October 13 Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor, PhD
Program Manager & Research Associate
Nereus Program
The future of fisheries under the Blue Economy development model
October 20 David Shiffman
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dulvy Lab, SFU
October 27 Philippe LeBillon
Professor, UBC Department of Geography and the Liu Institute for Global Issues
Fish Wars
November 3 Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak, PhD
Ocean Wise Seafood Specialist and Honorary Research Associate, IOF
Trends and future priorities for market-based marine conservation initiatives
November 10
November 17
November 24
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September 16 Oai Li Chen
Research Associate, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Modeling and projecting the seafood supply and demand in the United States: a closer look at the future supply of the U.S. farmed raised catfish under alternative scenarios
September 23 Maria Byrne
Professor, University of Sydney
Responses of echinoderm life stages to warming and acidification: a multistressor perspective
September 30 Evgeny Pakhomov
Professor, IOF & Department of EOAS
Ecological importance of Antarctic pelagic tunicates: new insights into their life cycle and implications for the Southern Ocean biological pump
October 7 Kim Bernard
Oregon State University
The Role of Phytoplankton in the Winter Diet of Antarctic Krill
October 14 André Frainer
Post-doctoral researcher, Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromsø
Climate warming and the functional composition of fish communities in the Barents sea
October 21 Charles Menzies
Professor, Department of Anthropology and IOF
People of the Saltwater: Lessons for fisheries and oceans science
October 28 Murdoch McAllister
Associate Professor, IOF; and Canada Research Chair in Fisheries Assessment
Use of models of intermediate complexity (MICE) to quantify trophic and fishery dynamics and identify triggers of recent population declines in Kootenay Lake’s trophy trout fishery
November 4 William Cheung
Associate Professor, IOF; and Director (Science), NF-Nereus Project
Meeting the Paris Agreement: Implications for marine fisheries
November 11 REMEMBRANCE DAY - UBC closed
November 18 Mimi Lam
Research Associate; Policy & Ecosystem Restoration in Fisheries
Straddling the Science-Policy Interface with Values in the Haida Gwaii Herring Fishery
November 25 Juan Jose Alava
MITAC postdoctoral fellow, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and Vancouver Aquarium
Exploring the Impact of Climate Change on the Bioaccumulation of Chemical Pollutants in a Marine Food Web from the Northeastern Pacific: An EwE model approach
January 13 Gabriel Reygondeau
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NF-UBC Nereus Program
Marine biodiversity of the global ocean: distribution, characteristic and projection
January 20 Martha Mendoza
Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist, The Associated Press
Seafood From Slaves
January 27 Philippe Le Billon
Professor, UBC Geography
Fish Wars
February 3 Anna Schuhbauer
PhD candidate, RMES and IOF
The economic viability of small- versus large-scale fisheries - an example from Mexico
February 10 Student Presentations Melanie Ang: Adapting to climate change in small-scale fisheries: a regional study of Pacific North America
Samantha James: Prey and diet of juvenile sockeye salmon across spatial and temporal gradients
Christine Stevenson: Impacts of physiological condition and age on migration survival and behaviour of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) smolts
Yovela Wang: Early gonad development of the spinecheek anemonefish (Premnas biaculeatus)
February 17 Daniel Pauly 
University Killam Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and Principal Investigator, Sea Around Us
What is the real catch amount of the world's fisheries?
March 3 Malin Pinsky
Assistant Professor, Pinsky Lab, Rutgers University
Global change: how odd are the oceans?
March 10 Brett Van Poorten
Adjunct Professor; Applied Freshwater Ecology Research Unit, BC Ministry of Environment
Recreational fisheries: complex interactions between anglers and fish
March 17 Brian Riddell
CEO/President, Pacific Salmon Foundation; Canadian Commissioner, Pacific Salmon Treaty; Project Lead, Salish Sea Marine Survival Project
Our Changing Role in Science
March 24 Lucas Brotz
Postdoctoral Fellow, Sea Around Us
Jellyfish - food of the future?
March 31 Dyhia Belhabib
Program Manager, Ecotrust Canada
Ugly fish, science engagement, and the indigenous basket
April 7 Jordan Rosenfeld
Aquatic Scientist
Applied Freshwater Ecology Research Unit
Fish, farms, and flow: adaptive habitat differentiation and environmental impacts on stream salmonids (plus some comparative ecosystem ecology)