Seminars & Lecture Series


Fridays at 11am, Sept-April, AERL 120

Open to IOF members and partners, and interested members of the public.

Invited speakers present the latest research in a wide range of disciplines related to freshwater systems, the oceans and fisheries. Past speakers have included public communicators, economists, ecosystem modelers, anthropologists and ecologists. These seminars draw a diverse audience, leading to thought-provoking discussions and a sharing of new ideas and perspectives.

Faculty in charge: Rashid Sumaila

Seminar facilitator: Gabriel Reygondeau

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Open to IOF members and partners, and interested members of the public

Offered biennially, the Larkin Lecture is a free public lecture by a leading oceans or fisheries researcher. A student-organized panel discussion on the lecture takes place the next day. The Larkin Lectures honour the memory of Dr. Peter Larkin, an eminent fisheries biologist and emeritus professor who was known for his expertise in conservation, resource management and environmental impact assessment. A manuscript of each lecture is submitted for publication in the academic journal Fish and Fisheries.

***Please note: the 2017 Larkin Lecture has been cancelled due to illness of the speaker. The next lecture will be scheduled for 2018***

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